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Because Hardw​ork Has No Subsitute...

Apart from Kavi Sammelans, Entertainment Shows and Social Work Prabhat 'PARWANA' is also working as a Motivator for college and school students. He is best known for unmatched Motivating skill with Entertainment. Beside Social work Prabhat 'PARWANA' has thousands of follower over facebook. His Hindi poetry Blog has lakhs of readers across the globe.

Prabhat 'PARWANA' initiated the pattern of Akhil Bhartiya Gau Kavi Sammelan in order to save holy creature Cows, which is one of the most worshiped goddess in India. He organized various Events and Kavi Sammelan in different parts of India in order to promote the ethical value of cows. His work towards Save cows movement through Kavi Sammelan has been recognized and appreciated by many Government and Non-governmental organization.

Currently he has been working with different Jails of India in order to change thought process of prisoner by organizing Akhil Bhartiy Kavi Sammelan from time to time. His project has been started with Faridabad, Neemka jail and moved second step towards Bhondsi Jail, Gurgaon covering Palwal Jail as third step and has spread in various states of Haryana. 

                Awarded by

*Manav Janhit Ekta Parishad
*Hindu College - Delhi University (2012)
*Smile Foundations
*Sanaskriti Bachaao Samiti
*Yuva Bharat(2011)
*J.N.B. Awards(2013)
*Jan Kalyan Sanstha(2013)
*Manavadhikar Mission(2013)
*Gau Bhakti Sammman - Hydrabad (2014)
*Akhil Bhartiya Manav Kalyan Parishad(2014)
*Prakhar Sahitykaar Manch (2014) 
*Ilam Singh Rana Ratan Samman (2015)
*Jan Jagriti Kavy Samman (2015)
*Jyoti Jagrook Seva Samman (2015)
*Rastra Chetna Kavy Samman (2015) and many more....


         About Prabhat PARWANA

Prabhat "PARWANA" Secured initial and secondary education from Faridabad.
During his secondary education he bended his interest in Hindi literature, and started hindi poetry writing. In his school days, he was known for his speech and poetry skills and was awarded many times at district and State level.

He opted Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha Vishvavidhyalay for higher studies. In his college days he stepped in social service. He joined hands with many social organisation serving needy and helpful people Across the country.

​During this period he was elected as Joint Secretary of the National Student Union of India from Faridabad. After the 4th June 2011 Conspiracy by Government of India over Bharat Swabhiman Andolan he moved himself away from Politics. He decided to serve the country and work for 'Swadeshi Movement'. 'PARWANA' worked as a  drug addiction counselor and made people aware of harms of smoking, drugs etc.

He served orphan children at orphan home, old age people at old age homes, blind children at blind schools.

During early phase of Janlokpal Movement he worked with Arvind Kejriwal and his Poetry on Janlokpal Bill was appreciated by Arvind and Kiran bedi. 

He was the youth face of Rashtriy Swabhiman Andolan lead by Shri K.N. Govindacharya.

His Work towards society has been recognized by many social organisations and has been awarded by numerous awards from organisations.

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